Comprehensive Quality Education

       Our school is committed to developing interdisciplinary talents who are both professional and practical. In order to foster research ability and creative spirit, we host all kinds of seminars and academic competitions. Our school imbues the idea “be grateful, be repaying, be consistent and be practical” into the minds of students while we teach them specialized skills and knowledge. We strive to make them the modern-citizens with the strong sense of social obligation and a heart to help others by in-depth voluntary service and social practices. We also try our best to create opportunities to mobilize students to take part in art and sport activities. For instance, our basketball team is one of the veteran teams in the university league and has won 5 championships in total so far. The school-sponsored singing competition “shining star” is one of the golden intramural cultural activities. Our students have given brilliant performance in a range of campus art or sport competitions. The school of insurance actively carried out some activities regarding outdoor experiential training and mental health education to help our students enhance their mental health and foster an optimistic attitude towards their life.