Research Achievements

        Our research team is in the leading position in the whole country not only in scale but also in structure of age, major, and professional title. Collaborating with many commercial and social institutions in and out of China, we have published hundreds of textbooks and thousands of research papers.

        In recent five years, our school has 32 projects at and above provincial level that are approved and initiated, including the key projects of national social science fund and the key projects supported by Chinese ministry of education. 199 high-level theses, 31 academic works and more than 20 research reports have been completed. A series of high-level theses and research reports with great influence regarding disaster risk and insurance, agriculture and rural insurance as well as the revolution of the rural and urban social security have been approved by national and provincial leaders and widely recognized by the insurance industry. It also provides important theoretical base and technological support to promote the development of the insurance industry and the advancement of the social security.

        Meanwhile, by conducting international academic seminars, such asSWUFE-Sumitomo Mitsui International Insurance Seminar”,Cross-Strait Risk Management and Insurance Seminar”, “Disaster Risk Management Seminar”, our school has made itself a crucial research and communication platform for domestic experts and field-workers in the insurance and social security area.