International Exchange and Cooperation

        Since 1992, with the support from the education division of the head office of the People's Bank of China, People's Insurance Company of China and relevant departments, the school of insurance has actively carried out the international exchange and cooperation. We greatly improve our ability to cultivate the professional talents and the level of the scientific research through the great effort made by the faculty, data and equipment provided by the foreign insurance companies and organizations. These companies and organizations also offered our teachers and students the chance to further their study and practice. In 1995, we cooperated with British insurance company CGU to build up “Insurance Accountants Training Centre of China”. In 1996, we worked together with French AXA Group to set up “Insurance Intermediary Training Centre of China”, which did contribute a lot to the cultivation of insurance intermediary practitioners in southwestern China. In the same year, we established “International Academic Exchange Center of Insurance” jointly with the Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co.Ltd from Japan. In 1997, “Japan Actuary Test Center in China” was set up in Swufe jointly with Japan Association of Actuaries. In 2001 we worked with New York Life Insurance Company of America to build up “LOMA Test Center”. We have also developed extensive and profound cooperative relationship with many other international insurance companies and universities, such as Allianz Insurance Group of Germany, Manulife Financial Group of Canada, American New York Insurance College, Paris Insurance College of France, the Insurance Institute of Germen Cologne University, Heriot-Walt University, and University of Glasgow. Besides, we also attach importance to collaborate with academia in HK and Taiwan, such as Chinese University of Hong Kong, Lingnan University, Feng Chia University, Tamkang University, in ways of co-hosting seminars or forums, research collaboration, faculty exchange, student exchange, etc.