Message from dean

SWUFE is one of the four universities in China which first offer insurance as a major. With over 30 years' development, school of insurance in SWUFE has become one of the important education institutions to cultivate future professional talents in insurance and social security with the support from insurance industry and sister schools at home and abroad. Our school ranks top among the domestic universities in terms of its running scale, quality of talent cultivation, faculty construction as well as academic level of scientific research. It is widely recognized that our school has long history, sound talent nurturing system, favorable school-running conditions, complete institutional settings and enjoys the advantages of having excellent faculty and staff, fruitful area of scientific research as well as distinctive talent cultivation.

In the context of economic globalization, it is required that disciplines like insurance and social security should develop in accord with the rapid development of national economy and continual advancement of various social reforms. As a significant guarantee of the development of national economy and a important part of harmonious society, commercial insurance and social security system are in urgent need of expertise, talents and theoretical support. The professional talents who are skilled in insurance, actuarial science, finance and other risk management instrument are badly needed to handle and manage the risk of individuals, families and enterprises. Bearing this in mind, our school will speed up the pace of development and take our responsibilities in the society.

With the development of economic integration, our school will strengthen the foundation of the computation and actuarial technology and promote the integration among different disciplines to form a more detailed and distinctive layout of discipline development. We will set up a more distinctive scientific research group through introduction and training to conduct more systematic researches on critical issues regarding insurance and social security as well as produce more research achievements which will exert significant international influence. School of insurance strives to bring out specialized talents who with a broader view and a global outlook, well versed in insurance and social security, can apply the theory into practice and scintillate with true creativity.